Saturday, June 12, 2010

goldfish, the simple creature.

What if we lived our lives like a pet fish? Cornered in glass all day, with the same 4 walls. Hitting the glass when we forget where we are and weaving through the same plastic plants and the little pirate chest of gold. I wonder what they think when they look at us. Their big eyes bulging from their heads as they swim around and scrutinize us. Go up for air, go back down. Small air bubbles escape their mouths and the blup blup sound pops against the surface. Do you think they know what they look like? That they know their body parts, they know that that flowy thing that catches their eye when they turn around and then disappear is actually their tail? I like to wonder how the rest of the world sees us, rich beyond compare. We have so much, give so little, it’s quite incredible that people as a species hasn’t killed off its own population out of greed. Oh wait! We do do that.
People in countries that have so little, actually have so much. They have the knowledge to appreciate every little thing, to appreciate family and clothing, to appreciate schooling and fresh water. We curse school, we drink soft drinks instead, we hate our parents and we always want more clothes or material things. If you put us, in our own little four walled glass box, and told us to look out on the world and not participate but just observe. What would we see?

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