Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finished exams!

So i finished exams!!! granted my enthusiasm is highly over done considering they're only mocks. but that feeling of being done and the relief is brilliant, apart of course from my swollen hand that still aches while i'm typing because apparently that happens after being in two exams for a set of 6 hours and writing on 8 pages for one and like 12 for the other. Buuut it's still a nice feeling. Sitting on my bed writing this its so comfortable. last time i was here on my computer i was cramming for biology whilst also not studying at all and simple downloading shit loads of music illegally (sorry to any of you government people if you're reading this). I love the comfyness of my bed. It's like sinking into a really big pillow at night that just kinda eats you whole and sucks you into whatever dream you're expected to have that night. Giving you that little head start as your head hits the pillow. The spinning thing that people talk about getting, i don't. I shake. like side to side i feel like my head is actually moving and kinda wobbling. I'm a wobbler i guess, not a spinner, though you gotta admit wobbling is a lot of fun haha. the wobbling kinda leads into that other world. the one we rarely talk about cuz its entirely ours. its cool :). But yeah so i haven't been on here in a while, my apologies. I've lost my inspiration lately. Not sure why. Just kinda happened. Oh well. It will get better (my little constant reminder) So as most of my year now know thanks to certain people :) I had an interesting saturday night. Fiew things happened over a bottle of wine, some beer and god knows what else. But it was fun. The first time in a while i hadn't really cared. I was free fallin (sorry listening to Jack Johnson). It was nice and fun and just letting go of the world.
I'm getting new curtains. painting my room. Redoing things in my life. Don't know why now since i wont be here for long (hopefully). But I am.
Starting a new book. Got bored of my old one. Reading "Brief interviews with Hideous men" by David Foster Wallace. Should be good. Need something new.
Been going acoustic lately. Not sure why. I'm over the metal and all that, just going back to the basics of the small tune and the big words. Well I think this is it. Sorry for spelling mistakes etc. Its the little things. :)

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