Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bad boys? or bad for you?

Song to this Blog: "Bad Boy" Cascada

So we all know the quintessential bad boy. The Grease guys with the leather jackets and the slicked back hair, the cigarettes the alcohol the whole persona of a bad boy. But then why are we still attracted to the modern day bad boy just because he, well what we think is, still the classic bad boy. Bad boys now-a-days aren't the same as in the movies. We have the ones with the leather and the wanna be classic bad boys, but then we also now have the real trouble ones with the drugs and the drinking and the smoking and everything, but why do we still find them attractive? Why do we crave for that change, for that danger and adventure, and how do they become those people that we want to be with? I've always been attracted to the bad boys, the ones that are no good and are the "stay away from them, they're bad news" as our mothers would say. I like the danger and the risk, the possibility of getting into a bad situation. I understand that sounds bad and i never put myself in bad situations, I'm smarter than that, but i like having that possibility. I like their "fuck it all" attitudes. I suppose that's it. We like how they don't care, we like the possibility that because they don't care so much, we hope, maybe just maybe, we'll be the ones to change that. We like having a challenge, we like the challenge and the possibility of making someone like them . . . good or at least just to fall for us. So i guess the question is are they really "Bad Boys" or are they just "Bad for Us"?

Quote to this blog:
"I want a Bad Boy in public, and a pussy cat at home!"
-Christina Aguilera

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