Saturday, December 12, 2009

new post

So I'm sitting here pondering as to what to write for this post. I could write about life and its troubles, could write about society and its conformist tendency's, could write about the inevitable heartbreak of love and its great pleasures and its partner pain, but what about a positive post? How about one that makes the reader smile or laugh or even, if they're not very humorous people, make the corners of their mouths crease upwards? That sounds uplifting, enjoyable, a good read. Now if I could only find something to do that. We could discuss politics which my friend Bryan constantly bugs me about, my views could possibly make a conservative laugh due to my "stupidity" of being a libertarian. We could discuss music and the lack of original lyrics in todays pop culture, example, Britney Spears and her new song "3" about, as you can probably tell, threesomes and even foursomes. We could discuss the great holiday cheer and christmas spirit, the eggnog and gingerbread houses, the snow and cold, shivering, frostbitten air. But we won't. Because as you all hopefully know whom are reading this I live in New Zealand. None of that is here. No cold, no snow, no eggnog, no gingerbread houses, and least of all holiday cheer. Unless that conists of bickering parents and fights and disgust? Then no, none of that. But that is neither positive nor uplifting, so new topic. Ok how about some funny videos from youtube? Always a hit on these blog things right?!
Baby doing the Stanky Leg dance:
Possesed Cat:
Pixar Intro. Parody:


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