Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For granted

we take so many things for granted today. yesterday. tomorrow. we miss oppurtunities, we lie, we cheat, we break hearts. we change and adapt, we follow and we lead. we breathe in and out. we go up and down. we blink, we fidget, we walk we run. all these things are just normal and go without thought. but when everything changes and things that you never thought about, become apparent, we stop. we get lazy and get clumsy. we get restless and stupid. we fall, we get back up. we hope, we dream, we wish. we try. we speak and hold conversations without ever thinking about what it is we're saying. we can love someone and not know why. we can want something but not need it. we think and we move we write and we draw. all the while changing. changing who we are no matter how confident in ourselves we are. we love, we lose. we lose things every day and think that we will get them back. but we take that for granted. the little things. the things we think we wont miss. we lose. we regret. we fear. we won't get them back. we try, but we won't.

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