Saturday, February 27, 2010


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So I leave for camp tomorrow. Got me thinking (about packing) and procrastination cuz i do a lot of that. We pack a lot. Women especially. We pack extra shoes, clothes, bra's, make-up anything that will fit into our already over sized suitcases. I mean one could argue that we pack this much because we want to be prepared for every circumstance that might happen on the trip. But can one say this about how we approach life as well?
We pack things away every day, and i know this maybe better than anyone because i personally pack away a lot of emotions and small details of my life everyday so as to not have to confront them. However, we pack away more than just our feelings in fear of seeming weak and helpless. We pack away secrets from the ones we care about such as affairs (just look at Tiger), purchases, stock fraud (just look at Martha Stewart), but we do this all because we are afraid. In today's society we have so much to be afraid of from terrorists, to being raped, so murdered or robbed all the way to forgetting your house keys inside and being locked out. We fear so much of not being perfect and being invaluable in society that we change what we are and mask the mistakes we make because we can't handle what we really do. We want it all. We want it all, all the time, every day. never settling, never choosing, never being decisive from rugs, to wall paint, to brand of diapers to pizza or Chinese take out. We pack so much into our lives that we can barely fit it all in. Smashing so much into ourselves, until we almost burst at the seems, preparing ourselves for any situation. (women typically do more, men are quite oblivious). But what happens when we can't fit it all in our suitcases, and we can't close the lid? What if we can't prepare ourselves for everything, what is society then?

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