Saturday, December 18, 2010

one week to go

So it is finally one week until Christmas. Now these past few months have proved quite troublesome so it is refreshing to have such a cheery, happy, wonderful time around. Well, without the snow, carols, eggnog and general lack for the full out Christmas spirit that I like to think most Americans have. It's still nice to be able to share this experience with my family, well most, ok a few members. But as I said these past few months have been difficult not only because of my exams that basically determine my future and whether or not I will be a total failure to my family, but also the realization that i not only cannot keep things for an extended period of time, but also the fact that i now repel technology. It's not that i don't understand technology at all, it's the fact that they run away screaming from me in terror and despair. They truly dislike me to the extent of absolute isolation and turmoil. I have "lost" in this past year alone; the following: A 160GB iPod, a curling iron, my skull candy headphones, two cameras, two cell phones and a playstation 2. That is how badly anything with any form of electricity or circuit board runs from me yelling at the top of their lungs "SAVE ME FROM THIS WRETCHED PLACE!". It's astounding that any trust is left within my parental's bodies when they think to continue supplying me with these horrid circumstances which i will be put in by replacing these items. This is the order of the events that put me in this desperate state. The first: My iPod was stolen along with my curling iron at one of my "oh so fantabulous" parties. Secondly was my first camera, that broke just because it was old (despite it only being 2 years old, hmmmm) then my first cell phone was stolen at a really rather dodgy party in a shutdown car retail place in parnell along with my leather jacket. Then we are on to my second camera, which was sat on at a party resulting the screen flickering and dying do black in a fixable state however the repairs would cost more than the camera. Then comes the second cell phone, horribly dropped into the ocean for no more than 2 seconds. The thing that killed it? my general lack of knowledge towards any kind of aide to electronic devices in despair. I did everything wrong. I tried to turn it on, then i shook it trying to shake the water out, and then took a hair dryer to it (the last part was someone's advice, not my own). The horrible thing about the last two, was that me short circuiting my phone happened the day after i bought a new camera to replace the old one. Oh circumstance!!! And then my playstation which can no longer read disks and yells at me loudly and begins to shake in anger. This is what my life has come to. I am 18 and cannot handle any kind of interaction in this modern day and age because as we all know all interaction in todays society is through technology. Granted my social grace is at an all time low as well, from drinking and rather embarrassing situations that follow that i have to hear about from everyone else because i don't remember. It's shocking. My life in just these few months alone has been tremendous and devastating. But as I began with, Christmas is only a week away. My sister arrives from the states on Thursday, some family friends arrive the day after and then from there comes the small traditions and then the grande finale of Christmas day. Now i told you the story of my technologically challenged tendency's because well, some of my gifts that greatly appreciate but also am terrified to own include, the new camera i bought with my Christmas money, the new cell phone i bought with my Christmas money, a new iPod, supplied by the parentals and then maybe something else. I tell you this because terror as i said reigns through my veins as to what sort of situations these advances are going to put me in. I love that i have these items and am so completely grateful don't get me wrong. But still scared. I will also probably make a full and detailed, including links, list of what i receive this day next week mostly because i will be excited and giddy like a little 4 year old child eating cake and receiving a pony. Though as i said it will be this time next week that also means that right now it is Saturday. Not just Saturday, but 10:23 on a Saturday night and i am home, writing this blog. Now that may seem sad to the average teenager and maybe to most of society, but i am the type who doesn't mind to stay in and fall into a good book when it's raining cats and dogs outside and my hair has decided to poof to the size of Arkansas and may even begin to attack people if they come within reaching distance. They will be gone, never to be heard from again because my hair will swallow them whole. Now the good book sounded good until i was distracted by a carton of white chocolate raspberry ice cream and a movie about 8 dogs stuck in sub zero weather fighting for their lives for 175 days. That was gripping. Now i'm watching Oceans 13 which is a horrible sequel of Oceans 11 which was incredible. Now i don't know why i am watching it because it's not decent and it's not even good background watch, it mostly has to do with the fact that the other TV has been commandeered for the past 4 hours straight by the ever so lovely asshole himself. So i'm stuck with 4 tv channels and crappy movies. My Saturday night is getting more and more depressing as we speak.

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