Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Family Time"

Song to this Blog: "Break Away" Kelly Clarkson

So we all know how at a certain point parents begin to think that they are "loosing" their children, and therefor try to. . . reil us back in if you will. But what happens when it gets to the point where they want to go out in public with you or shopping for things you should be shopping for with friends? How do you say no to seeing a movie on a friday night at a theatre you know everyones going to be at? I mean i feel bad that they need this sense of closeness to us that they try to do "Fun family activities" like, and this is my dads idea of a good time, going to countless war museums no one wants to go to. Going to parks or volcanoes when no one is in the appropriate footware. Going out to grab a beer at a place where people will recognize me. It sounds mean, but I am no longer at the age where i want to be seen some where with my parents doing something i should be doing with other people. And then when you say no to going out to dinner with them because you would just rather stay home and have a quiet night, they do the sad face and try to guilt you into it, or, in my dads case, it needs to get to the point where we get into an argument about it and he gets mad and then all of sudden doesn't want to go. At what point in a parents life do they realize that we are no longer 6 and can just be carted around anywhere whenever and be ok with it? When will parents realize that "family time" is now simply social suicide.

Quote of this Blog:
"moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard."

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