Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shots of New Zealand

I apologize that these pictures are poor quality, my camera is not exactly the greatest. If i attempt to take a picture without the flash on every comes out blue. Will be getting a new one soon.
Saw this car while having a drink in St. Heliers. I thought it was just so ugly, probably a japanese car. This is a shot taken on the beach down in Kohimarama while the sun was setting.
This shot was taken in St. Heliers during the day time.

A shot of palm trees. Don't know why i just think they make it seem more tropical.

A picture looking out across the water at Rangitoto.

This picture was taken on the street in a little town called Parnel. Not sure where they had came from. I just thought it was a lovely shot. This shot is looking across the beach to the side of a restaurant located in Kohimarama..

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