Friday, February 5, 2010


6:42. went this morning to the SPCA to look at adopting a dog. Mum got emotional and cried. I miss Hershey. Went out. Bought some clothes. Tired. Ate a shake thing. Felt sick. Came home and watched a show about plastic surgery. Gross. Noticed my flaws. Silly. Listened to a lot of Matt Wertz, it changed to Akon. I felt degraded so I changed it. Feel bad for my mum. She's lonely. Her fucked up husband doesn't help. Asshole. Camera's broken. Only got it at Christmas. Feel bad. I miss my friends. I want to go back. I need a job first. Provide me with 3 grand by June. Seems impossible. I need to go home. I need a lonely night. Matt Wertz says it best in this song. No particular reason. Just a quiet night. It's 6:49. Not even dark night. Can hear my neighbors nephews next door. Makes me smile when they laugh. slight breeze shifts the curtain. I imagine a hand doing it. Swaying it softly. Invisible. I smell bacon. Making me hungry. These all end with food. Odd. My main focus in life. The things we need in life : Garlic, cheese, bacon and money. Sad. But good when mixed together (exception money, don't eat that). 6:53. I want bacon. Lots of bacon. I won't end this on a food note though. So go here. And enjoy the humor of media.

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