Thursday, February 4, 2010


9:03 had a mass tonight. A commission ceremony for all the graduating year at my school. I don't believe in that stuff. I dreamt in my head. Fingers tapped tapped tapped against the 6 page booklet laying in my lap. Screamo filled my head as it clashed with the chorus singing in front of me. I laughed to myself at the confusion. Came home with pizza. I had salad. Tomato, chicken, bacon and avocado. Good. Had two slices of mums pizza. Better. Came in my room. Talked to someone online. Awkward but good. Surprising. 9:13 now. bored. Not tired enough to sleep. Ran out of Megavideo. Fuck. Attempt number two. It's hot. Sweating. muggy out again. Lights are too hot aswell. No air conditioning. Damn parents. Signing off at 9:15. Enjoy.

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