Monday, July 13, 2009

Video messages

ok. so this post is going to be about today, obviously, due to my title. well today i haven't really done much considering I'm not in school yet and i don't know anyone and my typically anti-social sister now has a job where she is being paid $12 an hour. lucky. but so yeah now when she's at work i am able to use her computer because mine has not yet arrived. (fingers crossed for end of the week). so this blog is about video messaging. i will openly admit my addiction to facebook. it is a horrible thing and i truly try to not be so reliable on it, but it is hard due to my recent move and no other form of connection with my American friends. so as i was saying is that i have now discovered video posts on facebook using my sisters web cam. i adore this. not only is it truly entertaining to talk to yourself, and see your self while doing it, but you get to communicate with someone in a way other than writing a wall post, which has no form of expression or personal contact. so today, i have been experimenting with video posting, with little success i might add. you see i do not know the reason for this, however, when i post a video the sound works, however, you can only see snipits of me, and it does not stream nicely and fully. (if you have any tips let me know). so i was leaving videos all over my friends walls on facebook and feeling pretty good about myself in the process. well, my reason for posting this as a blog, despite the fact that i wanted to encourage all you readers to do this yourselves, is that it had me talking to my ex. now you do not know the story with him and i will not get into full details because i do not, in case he were to read this, want him to feel awkward or violated in any way. i will leave it at us having a bad break-up and not speaking for the past few months. well, today i was speaking with him on facebook chat (also a handy tool: P ) and so this lead to me leaving a video on his wall and my previous friend karl. well apparently my ex was with karl and karl has this AMAZING thing called skype (i recommend you get it right away) well i do as well for it allows me to stay in contact with my "mancandy" back home (i put it in quotes because i do not know for sure what we are). well i was talking to him and karl on skype and it was nice because i missed talking to him. and i do realize that i sound so stereotypical girly right now all "aw i missed him and it was soo nice and omg like wow" but that is not my intention and i apologize if i do come across as that. so yeah that was really nice. and CONGRATULATIONS to his mum who is getting married this weekend!!! a big congrats goes out to her and her fiance, the lucky man who caught her eye. (treat her well she is an amazing woman!) : ). but yeah. so that's a quick note i had to add in. so i also wanted to add for all of you to check out their music that they make themselves on myspace. (my ex and Karl) i tell you this because they are playing at his mothers wedding which is incredibly sweet and a round of applause goes out to them. so check them out and to do so click here

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