Friday, August 28, 2009

Bridget Jones 'aint got nothin on me

So fascinating events taking place at the moment. I will go all bridget jones on you and list them. For my entertainment not yours.
  • Time spent on my computer: roughly 5 hours
  • Time spent indulging in pointless conversations: roughly 4 hours
  • Time spent being freaked out and confused about an ex: roughly 6 hours
  • Time spent talking to my estranged lover about food: roughly 2 hours
  • Pages read in Fast Food Nation: 56
  • Movies watched: The Hangover
  • Number of phonecalls: none. not even from my mother
  • Number of texts: none.
  • Time spent contemplating this blog and whether or not its worth it to continue considerng no one reads it: roughly 20 minutes.
  • Time spent feeling stupid for caring about whether or not people read it: roughly 40 minutes.
  • Bands listened to during this time: Lily Allen, Spoon, Black Eyed Peas, Ida Maria, The Kooks, Brand New and The Zombies
  • Food eaten: Hawaiin Burger. Chips. Pizza Snacks. One Afghan Cookie.
  • Beverages: 1 1/2 glasses of coke.

Finally realizing that i am leading a rather pathetic life at the moment and will not be any more thrilling once exams start in 2 weeks: Priceless.

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