Saturday, August 29, 2009

Love doesn't exist

Maybe there is no such thing as love. Maybe we created love just so that we feel something. So that we feel connected to something in this otherwise unfeeling and unmoving world. Perhaps what you feel towards someone is nothing more than a want to be liked. A want to feel a closeness to someone so that you know you're not alone in this world. Life has a way of making you think that it's love. Making you believe that you could be that completely happy with your life and with another person, and then making it dissapointing when you find out that you will never have that rock in life. That one stable aspect in the universe that makes you content with everything. No one will ever be completely happy. Not once. Whether its love, life, or just the entirety of the universe, something will make your heart break. Something will remind you that love, that fictitious thing, doesn't exist for anything other than more unpleasentries and unhappiness. The fact of the matter is. Love doesn't exist.

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