Wednesday, January 20, 2010


God. The all wise, the all powerful, the all knowing, God. For hundreds of thousands of years people have discussed and philosophized and argued the sense of god and religion. Stating that without religion or faith, one would cease to exist, one would be soulless. Though for those of us out there who do no believe, let alone practice, this form of religion and belief, we still function. We still exist and am capable of thought and emotion so how can we be soulless? To have faith in something because of a book and because of stories seems rather illogical. To put your mind and your energy into believing that there is something out there that can control us and can determine our fate and our inevitable demise, is simply ludicrous.
Jesus they say, claimed to be the son of God. He would do Gods will and fulfill what needed to be done of him. Then he had to die for our sins. However, if God forgives us for our sins, so we are eternally forgiven, then why the need to kill Jesus? Why would God put all of his trust and all of his will onto one man, when he created us. God supposedly made us all so if he can create he can take away. We have all seen Gods work of taking away, especially recently. The Thousands dead in Haiti, hurricane Katrina, The tsunamis. All of these things, if there is a God, is his work. All of these 'natural wonders' and 'Gods beauty'. But what is so beautiful about thousands of people dying? What is so beautiful and wonderful about lives being destroyed and people left homeless?

After an event such as the earthquake in Haiti, everyone talks about praying for those poor people. Why should we pray? If God had wanted them spared then he would not have created such a 'natural wonder' that could be capable of this. We should pray to a man who takes away lives, only to have us beg for him to spare them? No. We should be helping them physically and financially. Praying for these people is not going to bring back the dead, it is not going to cure the ill or fix the wounded. Only what we are capable of doing ourselves, can bring aide to them.

Many argue that faith is a cornerstone, it is a building block in which to expand upon with your beliefs and experiences as you grow older. But typically when using the word faith they are referring to an aspect of religion. But what about all the faith that people have? Faith in humanity and in ourselves, faith in society and the professions. Faith is not about believing in a book and following it because it tells us to. Faith is about doing and learning for ourselves, giving everyone something to put their faith into.

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