Friday, January 1, 2010


People need freedom.
Confinement and cages.
Leashes and Collars.
They are no longer just for the use of animals, but for people and society. We are not expressive nor are we free.
We are systematic and automatic.
We are sheltered and cornered.
We have all this potential within us to just break out! To go against the norm and to just scream from within selves and unleash an entirely new generation.
One free of war and law.
One free of regulations and restrictions.
The only law to follow is the law of the people and the law of the people is to be true to ourselves. We make our own laws.
Jimi Hendrix said it, "Are you experienced?" Black Sabbath said it, "We sold our souls for rock and roll". The question of our lives as said by Jimi himself, the truth behind his words is that we are not because we do not embrace and experience life; but what Black Sabbath doesn't know, is that our generation and the people we are surrounded by every day for all our lives, did not sell their soul for music, let alone rock and roll, but for law and power.
All life is today is power.
What's power?!
Power is just a word used to trap us even further in our caves by giving us this image of a lower standing than someone else. And due to this lower social status, we cannot fully be free.
Well I say Fuck power.
Fuck all the people who stand over us.
Fuck the ones who tell you you aren't good enough and you are stupid for all the decisions you make.
The only wrong decisions and examples of being 'not good enough' are them. The ones in suits and the ones in costume. Because behind their costumes and their suits they are nothing. So we as the general public hold the power.
We are the ones with the freedom. So I say go out, be free, and fuck power, it's only there to hold you back.

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