Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I find it funny and kinda sad that people go in the continuous circles. mad people in mad places doing mad things. Wondering around as if the sense of distance will surface their problems. Doing the same things at the same time with the same people. Monotonous life. Worn out faces and places cover their lives, drowning them in routine and schedule. The distance they cover gets them no where but there. They cry and dwell in their lives, suffering, miserable, alone. Everyone is alone. Alone to live, alone to die, alone to succeed in an impossible world. Children with the illusion of life, the smiles and success, the money and families. This is not life. Life is dreary and lonely.
lonely is such a perfect word. Everyone is lonely. Lonely is the substance of life. Without it everyone be lost. However, recognizing that they're alone gives meaning, and something to reach for. Depressing isn't it? but being lonely is healthy. It makes you appreciate company when you have it. Without company, one would be alone, like everyone else.

Trippiest video. check it out here

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