Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Cycle

I suppose its better not to know things.
If you're kept out of it then you can't get hurt and you can't be disappointed.

Disappointment. Such a simple yet terrifying thing.
One can earn disappointment or disappointment can be thrust upon them.
In any way, one will still experience it.

You can be disappointed when something ends, when something begins, or when something changes.
Change is the greatest disappointment.

Change is never what you expect or what you want.
Some would argue that its unpredictability is its beauty.
I argue that they're idiots.

However, as we all know, change is inevitable.
Change is the bus running late and walking to work.
Change is loosing your job or breaking up.
Change can even be as small as a different brand of shampoo.
No matter the change that takes place, we still are uncomfortable, even if only for seconds, with change.

Uncomfortable is an itchy sock on a hot day.
Uncomfortable is plumbers butt.
Uncomfortable are the words you want to think of, but not hear.
Uncomfortable is the truth.

The truth is. . . .well there is no truth.
There is the perception of truth and the "honest answer", but not yet truth.
Truth is true love.
Truth is seeing your baby for the first time.
Truth is the perfect day.

Perfection is ones image of his or her life as it should be.
Perfection is a cold beer on a hot day.
Perfection is the first laugh, steps, and words spoken.
Perfection is ever changing.
Perfection as a whole is disappointing. For there is no perfection.

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