Wednesday, November 4, 2009


As the rain pours down outside I cannot help but laugh at the irony. Clouds hold in their rain and wait and wait, trying to pro-long it as long as possible but eventually have to burst. I feel like we have a similar life to clouds. For example:

The rain.
The rain is held in making the cloud grow grey and dark, luminous over the area it is above. The cloud sets a mood around it that of negativity and, my mother’s favorite word to describe this weather, miserable. Miserable is such a good word for this weather. You feel sad and gloomy when it’s raining. You want to sit at home with a good book and a hot chocolate and just bask in the terrible weather outside while you are safe inside. Inside you are secure from all the misery outside.
We do this in life. If there’s a problem we try and find a safe spot in order to avoid it, in order to stay safe and not be hurt. But what happens if the rain gets inside, and you now have a small leak?

The water cycle.
For most of you, you know how the water cycle works, its ups and downs and transformations. The same as we have. Evaporation is us gathering up our feelings, condensation is the beginning of our collection and holding it up giving off this illusion that every thing is fine and puffy and simple. Then, one day, out of the blue (excuse my pun) you can burst. Some weather men can’t even predict these things. Well in case you didn’t know this is precipitation. The releasing of the rain onto everyone else and showering us with its problems. So then what happens to ones who got drenched with our rain?

The burst, precipitation.
This one can be the most dangerous. Rain can result in floods, landslides, and terrible greif. So is it better to have a constant drizzle of rain every day for the rest of our lives, or have one huge burst destroying things and prospects, but then be ok until the next one? Whether it’s the huge burst or the slight drizzle, either way we have to have some way of release. We need to vent to ramble to go on and on and on about things sometimes otherwise we rain and we pour cats and dogs and then inevitably, continue on this “water cycle” all our lives. Is there another solution to this? There has to be something more to our lives than waiting for the storm to come and then waiting for it to pass. Some say life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, some say it’s about learning to dance in the rain. But what if you can’t find the rainbow at the end? What if there is no rainbow.
This thought alone scares us into holding in and turning into this dark cloud amongst all the blue in the sky. This thought of hurt and insecurity is the terrifying truth that we have to face. Why are we so afraid of getting hurt? We have this preconceived notion that hurt is this terrible thing, that you can never fully recover and can go all your life with this pain. Maybe that’s true. Maybe you never really get over things, but either way it’s better to face them and know the “truth” behind it (I put truth in quotation marks because, as said in my last post, there is no real truth). Would you rather go your whole life thinking everything is fine, only to find out it’s not, and then have to deal with that pain? Or would you rather just be oblivious to it, and be happy with what you think it is, just to avoid getting hurt? I feel as though this is the crucial fact of the matter that we need to know. This is the essence of our being. We have to go through these things. We have to burn bridges in order to make new ones where the old one laid. We have to go through pain in order to come out stronger than before. We have to be hurt time and time again in order to recognize problems and know how to deal with them. But why is this necessary? Why can’t it just be simple as Disney has made it seem. We have grown up with this thought of fairy tales and happily ever after, which of course is Hallmark and Disney’s fault. But this rant about what is wrong with our children’s childhoods and planting these fake hopes in their heads, is a different blog for a different time.
So ultimately, can we stop this water cycle of emotions, or is it bad to go against nature?

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