Monday, November 16, 2009


So i realized I want it. I want it all, I want the family, the house the kids everything. I want to find that one person who makes everything worthwhile. The one person who's there no matter what. The person who doesn't just want you when you look good but wants you when you're crying, when you're sick even when you still have last nights makeup on and your hair is just a blob ontop your head. Someone who loves you for you, someone who can't help but smile when they see you. I want that. The dream. What every wants. I never used to want kids, atleast not to have them, but now I want one of my own. I know i'm young and i'm not saying to do this anytime soon, but I just do. I suppose my mind will change. It may as i get older, my views will differ and my opinions will strain. I want the poetry, the romance the adventure and the honesty. But for now I want the truth. I want to be happy.

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