Sunday, November 29, 2009


Song to this post: "Fickle Cycle" Animal Collective

We take breathing for granted. If we took the time to really feel how taking a deep breath feels, everyone would be so much calmer. Just that sense of freedom, of realease, of free thought. One thought is just a thing amongst a pile. I don't know whats in that pile. It just builds and expands and tumbles. Little fish and crabs just wondering around. The mind is just like an ocean. So many different things just there. Doing their thing. Floating along. Like the other day I was studying and I put my feet in the pool. Then went up to knees. Then I put my hands, then my elbows, then all the way up and touched my nose to the water. But not actually going in fully, just sitting there playing with the water half in half not. Just. . . like a kid, like I was 6. When you were 6 everything was innocent and real, where as now we are flooded with the good and bad and reality. But what is good and bad? I mean is there ever really bad? Bad is just a concept and a perception of a person and their beliefs, but that doesn't mean that there are things that are overall bad. It just comes down to beliefs and people in their minds. That's society and good and bad. Just perception. No norms, no rules, no laws. There is no norm. There can't be norms. Cuz everything is a norm to someone. There is no good or bad or common or anything. It's just beliefs and people. I live by one law and one alone. The law of myself. Whatever that may be. Just me and what I think is right, wrong, acceptable, and law like. I mean the law of freedom. Life is a journey to freedom and self discovery. Life is all about freedom and discovery. Just live. No regrets. No looking back and no reservations.

Quote to this post: "There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle" Albert Einstein.

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