Friday, November 6, 2009

I got my feet on the ground but my heads in the clouds. . .

give too much, recieve too little.
looking at your life, standing in the middle.

burning bridges as they come,
meeting people but only remembering some.

questions unanswered and lies being told,
discussing your future as it all unfolds.

uncertainty grips you as you think of who you are,
wanting to run away, just run so far.

experimenting and exciting, the thrill grips you,
trying things you know you shouldn't do.

lost in this world as it rushes past you,
standing in the middle of a crowd waiting for your cue.

screaming inside to find yourself, to leave this life behind,
waiting on people, waiting on yourself, for things you'll never find.

daydreams and make beliveve, fill my time in this world,
questions wanting answers, wanting questions, being hurled.

aceepting this life, or trying to change it,
feeling more and more alone, bit by small bit.

crumbling down into myself, in search for answers,
escaping from my thoughts, my feelings, and their advancers.

never being good enough or what people want,
images of a better life and confessions that haunt.

playing for keeps with yourself, and yourself alone,
never being able to find someone, or someplace to call home.

the clouds drifts by and the sun floats away,
showing us that its the end of another meaningless day.

the darkness engulfs us, and it spreads around,
blinding our sights, and blurring the sounds.

falling again, and loosing my state of mind,
lost the memorable people, the ones few, but kind.

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