Friday, November 13, 2009


Song to this blog: "The sound of settling" Death Cab for Cutie

Why do we settle? When we're young we have this ideal fantasy in mind as to what we want in a person, yet as we grow older and our chances of meeting that person grow slimmer, we end up settling. We settle because we either like them and want what we want, no matter if it's less than what we deserve, or because we feel as though we may never find what it is we deserve so we go for what we can get. Is there ever the opportunity to have what we deserve, or to have our ideal person? We settle for people who don't exactly fit what we want or what we need, we settle for second best for ourselves when if we waited or worked a little more we could get first. We lower ourselves to fit this more realistic image of what people want, lowering our standards and what we're willing to deal with for love. I myself have done it and i know plenty of other people who have, but even when we're fully aware that we're not meeting our own ideal standards, we still don't change. People enjoy too much the feel of having someone want them and not having to be alone so much that they settle for them just for that feeling of being wanted. We as humans are terrified of being completely alone. But how are we to change from want to be wanted? To want to have what we deserve?

Quote for this Blog: "I've always believed the greater danger is not aiming too high, but too low, settling for a bogey, rather than aiming for an eagle." Peter Scott.

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